Guest April 20, 2016

As a mom, kitchen gadgets should not be a battle to work with. With the E4U Citrus Juicer you can easily juice for your daily recipes with comfort. Having the advantage of the hand juicer has saved me time in the kitchen. I know a lot of other moms feel that our time is precious through out the day. I would personally rather be playing with my kids than spending time in the kitchen.

For me I can't haul a big juicer out every time I need a bit of extra flavor to my recipes. I know when I get home from a long day I just want a simple solution and the E4U Juicer is the perfect choice. The E4U Juicer fits right into the palm of my hand and barely weighs anything. It is much easier to use and operate than a huge electric juicer.

There are tons of different fruits that you can use the handheld E4U Juicer for. As long as the fruit is pliable take a shot and see what recipes you can create. I have been able to try out new fruits and juice them right into a cold cup of water. It puts a unique spin on the same ole water.

The E4U Fresh Citrus Fruit Juicer is the device that allows you to quickly and without difficulty extract Freshly-Squeezed Lemon Juice that is seed-free and pulp-free without having to take out Heavy Bulky Juicers. It also wont alert the neighborhood by operating loud machines.

Die Cast Aluminum Construction is the best combination of strength without being massive like most stainless steel juicers. Simple to Clean No Rust Enamel Coating is Chip-free and will not stain: GUARANTEED!

Invigorate your day-to-day routine with lemon, lime, tangerine, orange or grapefruit. try other soft fruits like melon, grapes, berries or kiwi.

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