admin November 16, 2009

A great “one-pan” meal with earthy flavors is simple to prepare. Assemble in about 15 minutes, pop it in the oven for about an hour for a healthy feast.

admin November 15, 2009

Eating healthy usually means staying away from creamy soups like butternut squash soup. Typically, they have lots of cream and butter in them. But, there is no reason you cannot have a hearty soup like this and still eat healthy.

admin November 15, 2009

Bacon, Egg, Lettuce, Tomato, CHeese, Onion. Just a variation on the basic BLT, but a little better for you. We use egg product instead of whole eggs, cutting down on fat and calories. And, we use Canadian bacon instead of regular bacon. It has the same smokey flavor without all the fat.

admin November 12, 2009

Have you ever looked at the back of a jar of spaghetti sauce? The first ingredient is tomatoes, and it goes downhill from there. The second most prevalent ingredient in many supermarket sauces is corn syrup and/or other kinds of sugar. Then they hit you with the oils. Sure, there is some of the “good” […]

admin November 7, 2009

Sometimes it’s amazing how three simple ingredients, put together, can become an elegant dish. Everything is cooked in one pan, but two seperate steps. Very simple and takes only 15 minutes to get it to the table.

admin October 22, 2009

We all love french fries… but we know that deep fried foods can add so much fat to a meal. We’ve solved the problem with our Garlic coated oven baked “fries”. The entire batch (serving for 4) is made with only 2 tablespoons of oil. Your family will never know they are not deep fried.

admin October 22, 2009

Bright orange citrus flavors makes this dish look as great as it tastes. This is a real simple way to dress up baked chicken with ingredients you typically have on hand.

admin October 20, 2009

This simple egg recipe has half the cholesterol, half the fat, and almost half the calories of traditional scrambled eggs. You won’t realize that when you eat them!

admin October 10, 2009

This is a recipe that is simple but it looks like it took you all day to prepare. The best part is you typically will have all the ingredients on hand. The sauce is simply chicken stock, wine and a little mustard. Shhhhh, don’t tell anybody 🙂