keithjennison April 23, 2014

One issue that plagues many hosts in connection with wine is how to serve it at the right temperature. When you fail to think about the right temperature to serve the liquor that you have bought that can ruin the entire wine-drinking experience for you. You might not recognize it but you are not getting […]

keithjennison April 22, 2014

A lot of people enjoy drinking wine. For some people it has actually become a part of their eating practice. For others it is a means of enhancing their social communications. They see wine drinking as something that can be enjoyed. Are you among those who see wine drinking in that way? If you […]

keithjennison April 20, 2014

Most people never think about the many ways that ice is used in drink making. Any decent bartender knows that one of the most vital ingredients to have when making drinks is ice. For the inexperienced mixologist who is searching for the perfect type of ice, ice balls are a unique way to keep drinks […]

keithjennison April 19, 2014

What are the best wine accessory gifts that you can give out today? If you are searching for an ideal gift for somebody who likes wine then a wine accessory is your best choice. Actually a truly expensive bottle of wine would be the best choice, however chances are that it would be too expensive […]

keithjennison April 18, 2014

Do you often have guests for dinner? If you have a lot of friends then your answer is most likely yes. You would have a lot of people coming over regularly for dinner and for some party. Chances are that you constantly serve wine throughout those dinners. One of the issues that you might […]

keithjennison April 17, 2014

If you're fortunate adequate to live above a bar that has an ice block maker and are on good terms with the barman then you're golden. However if you resemble the majority of us you are simply out of luck. So you've most likely seen these big ice balls floating in good Scotch and wondered […]

keithjennison April 16, 2014

Dry rub for chicken can be found in numerous different flavors and types. If you are merely beginning with your initial dry rub for chicken, then I would certainly recommend utilizing a Carolina BBQ dry rub like the chicken dry rub used in this video. It is a terrific bbq dry rub and is probably […]

keithjennison April 13, 2014 I completely adore making my own bbq dry rub recipes. I have actually been using dry rubs for chicken for about 30 years now and I'm intending to be dry rubbing chicken an additional 30 more years. The initial step to dry rubbing a chicken is to make your dry rub recipe. In this […]