keithjennison April 12, 2014

Baking is a lot of fun as well as a pleasurable activity that gives contentment especially when the results are as expected. However if you are a skilled baker, you understand exactly how difficult it can be when it comes time to scrape the residue sticking to the pan. Spraying cooking oil on the pan […]

keithjennison April 11, 2014

I have been making my own dry rub recipes for many years. My favorite is my homemade dry rub for chicken. My dry rub for chicken has a somewhat sweeter taste to it than various other dry rub recipes. Due to the fact that I use a little more brown sugar than a chicken dry […]

keithjennison April 10, 2014

As a busy mom, I am a lot in the kitchen, busy preparing food for my family. I used to own the old material heat resistant oven gloves, but since owning these amazing heat resistant silicone gloves, I haven’t used the old smelly cloth mitts again. I simply love these silicone gloves, they are so […]

keithjennison April 8, 2014

The Korkit wine stopper provides easy to utilize push button leading technology. The button produces a vacuum seal to protect the flavor of wine. When oxygen gets in a bottle of wine a chain reaction produces acetic acid giving the wine a vinegar flavor. Korkit permits consumers to eliminate the oxygen from the bottle for […]

keithjennison April 7, 2014

I have actually been making homemade barbecue sauce recipes on my own for years. There's simply something about the taste of your very own barbecue sauce recipe. I usually like my barbecue dressings to be either a hefty tomato or light tomato base. Due to the fact that they used honey as the base for […]

keithjennison April 6, 2014

I had had enough. On occasion one can get away with buying the cheapest option and not compromise too much in quality – like plastic food wrap, for example, I’ll always buy the cheaper brand as it all seems to be the same thing. However, other times it is fully worth spending that little extra […]

keithjennison April 5, 2014

Years ago when I resided in Europe, I remember a firm that marketed vertical rotisserie grills. Vertical Rotisserie grills are awesome due to the fact that when the oil drops it doesn't touch the charcoals and make flare-ups. Meals cooked on a vertical rotisserie grill is by far the most tasty and juicy meals you […]

keithjennison April 2, 2014

There’s no doubt that having the right devices for the job makes any type of task simpler, and there’s no better location to show this than in the kitchen area, where having the best food preparation utensils could be the difference in between producing good dishes and wonderful dishes. Lots of chefs think about major […]