Guest December 15, 2015

Having lived in Mediterranean countries for close to a decade (Italy, Greece and Spain), I gained a first-hand point of view on the countless benefits of a Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. Mind you, I was more focused on the taste of the food than the nutritional aspects of a healthy diet in those developmental years, […]

Guest December 3, 2015

NOW! Make Almond Milk for the Whole Family! Picture making your own healthier, tasty milk from your favorite organic nuts and seeds. You can make almond, soy, walnut, cashew, or hemp milk. Home made nut milk tastes better, is healthier and is more economical. A nut milk bag makes it effortless. Look for natural, one […]

Guest October 24, 2015

Having visited Italy a number of times, I still savor the flavors of authentic Italian cooking. I try not to be too fussy at "so-called" Italian dining establishments in the United States, but if you are really interested in matching the taste of Italian food then you need to probably learn how to cook like […]

Guest October 22, 2015

As an active marathoner and wrestler, I’m always looking for ways to increase my protein intake. It can be frustrating trying to find quality food products to keep me getting stronger, and it doesn’t make any sense that virtually every protein bar out there is so filled with chemicals and unnatural ingredients (the ones that […]

Guest October 21, 2015

I purchased this product on and have used it when hosting dinner parties at my place. It is a fantastic product that is of high quality. The rocks definitely do the trick in cooling your whisky to preserve that perfect taste. These Drinking Rocks are very user friendly, simply rinse in cool water, freeze […]

Guest October 20, 2015

I a new lunch tote which i can just bring my drink and food with me where ever I go. I come across My Young Universe Cooler bag on I love this professional looking durable unisex lunch bag. That bag has amazing insulating functions that maintain the heat of my drinks and meal for […]