A Guide to Making Blackberry Wine

Even if you have never tried it before, the process of making blackberry wine does not have to be difficult. You just have to make sure that you are educated and aware on the process involved in making wine so that you know how to get started and feel comfortable with the process before trying it out for yourself.

Making Blackberry Wine

If you are interested in making blackberry wine, you are first going to have to get the essential materials and Winemaking Supplies. This includes campden tables for winemaking, fermentation locks, grape crushers, pectic enzyme for winemaking, hydrometer and testing jar, siphon hoses, wine yeast and yeast nutrients, glass gallon jugs or barrels, and a plastic bucket.

The next step in the process of making blackberry wine involves crushing about four pounds of fruit into the plastic bucket. You then want to add one crushed campden tablet, one teaspoon pectic enzyme, and one gallon of water. Mix this together thoroughly and then let sit for about 24 hours.

Now you want to add about two pounds of sugar to the mixture, brix up to 20 to 21 degrees F, and add one teaspoon of yeast food. Mix thoroughly again, and rehydrate one packet of yeast in warm water and let sit for about ten minutes before adding to juice. Now you want to transfer the juice into glass jugs, filling until they are each about two-thirds full. Attach a fermentation lock to each glass jug, and when sediment settles, which is usually after about a week’s time, you want to rack or siphon off the sediment from the clear wine into glass jugs, filling the jugs completely.

Rack whenever the sediment accumulates and you may even need to rack as many as four times. You want to let sit for about three or four months until the wine is clear and ready to bottle, and then bottle as desired.

Making blackberry wine is fun and enjoyable and best of all you can make some fabulous Homemade Wine Recipes to give out to your family and friends or to keep for yourself. There are many other types of wine that you can make as well and as you continue to make wine and get more familiar with the process you will find it easier and more enjoyable every time. You do have to have patience with winemaking, especially when it comes to the aging process, but it will be more than worth it in the end.