Enjoying Port Wine

Wine is a form of an alcoholic beverage that is made from fermented grapes. Often these grapes come from Europe, but many other species and hybrids of grapes are also being used in wine making today. This has led to the creation of many different types of wine. The two most popular types of wine are white and red. Obviously, white wine is made from fermented white grapes while red wine is made from fermented red grapes.

The Types of Port Wine

While there are many different varieties of Wine Making Recipes to choose from, one of the most popular of all wines is known as port wine. This is a sweet wine that comes from the Douro Valley in the northern provinces of Portugal. Once the grapes from this area are grown and pressed, they are then fortified with the addition of distilled grape spirits, in order to boost the alcohol content before the wine making process is fully complete. Port wine is usually served as a dessert wine, and there are many different versions of port wine that have been reproduced all around the world.

The Properties of Port Wine

Port wine is a very rich, very sweet, very heavy wine. It also possesses a much higher alcohol content than most other wines do. This is true of all of the different styles of port wine that are available. The higher alcohol content is because of the way that the wine has been aged, either via reductive aging or oxidative aging. Reductive aging takes place whenever wine is matured and aged in sealed tanks with no exposure to air. On the other hand, Citrus Wine%s that have matured in barrels with a small amount of exposure to oxygen have been through oxidative aging.

Vintage Port Wine

While vintage port wine is not as popular of a selection as some of the other varieties of port Rose Wines, it is truly Portugal’s flagship wine. It is made entirely from grapes that come from a vintage year. Of course, this causes this wine to be more expensive than many of the other port wines. With these wines, you will also discover that the flavor is a lot more concrete and pungent, which is why it is really worth the extra bit of money. Even this wine is usually paired with desserts, but you can also give it a try with a variety of other sweet tasting foods as well, so that you can determine your own personal preferences for this type of wine.