Louisiana Cajun cooking tips

Most of my family is from Louisiana and we are all at least part Cajun. As a general rule, whenever we all get together for Christmas or Thanksgiving, we have Cajun food. Many of my friends are often confused or fascinated with my stories of some of the things that we eat on these holidays. Cajun recipes center around seafood, with ingredients like shrimp, crawfish, sausage, and salt-water fish. The best shrimp recipe we use is usually the shrimp gumbo. Gumbo is a very unique tasting Cajun type of soup. It is quite delicious, we try to enjoy it every time we see each other. We also serve other delicious dishes like Crawfish casserole, hot links stew and lobster tails.

I could eat many of these fabulous meals daily. If you have never tried Cajun food, I highly recommend it. My favorite dish would definitely have to be the crawfish casserole. shrimp salad – Watch out for Bubba’s revenge. We have many choices of food and meals on our menu. Our most famous and well-known cousines are our sea food ones. An example is shrimp salad, one that Bubba and Forrest didn’t mention. Salads are prone to easily get spoiled, especially if they are made from sea food as shrimp salads are, so it is very important to check colors, odors or any other signs that your shrimp salad is possibly spoiled.

The surest indication that shrimp is spoiled is when it changes in color from white to grayish. And the number one hit is the odor, which is ultimate sign of spoiling. Also if the shrimp are slimy, mushy they are in doubt. If in doubt don’t risk. Shrimps should not be kept in fridge too long, but in the freezer they can stay good for a longer time Poisoning from spoiled is very bad, and one from shrimp salad could be very nasty Bubbas revenge. You must taste crab meat if have never tried it.

If your evening out is special this is a great place to dine. There are a variety of recipes available, be it for main dishes or for appetizers or even for salads. While creating any home-made crab recipe, you must add a lot of spices as crab meat a mildly sweet and succulent. Crab can be used in dips or left in the claws. Even simply steaming them with butter or a light marinade will do the trick. Crab is easy to find in most locations. You can choose crab meat in tins or get it fresh, whichever you prefer.

Crabs purchased at locations near the ocean are freshest and have the best flavor, compared to crab that has been shipped over several days. If one were to compare crab meat to shrimp meat, I would give crab meat a rating of 10 as against a rating of 7 for shrimp meat.