Making Strawberry Wine

The idea of making strawberry Fruit Wine has become quite popular in the recent years. This may be because people have had a renewed interest in good wine and have seen the benefit of making ones own wine. Another possible reason for the interest in strawberry wine may be the song by Deana Carter titled “Strawberry Wine”. This song talks of the innocence of youth, love and strawberry wine reviving memories many people have of their first romances. With a thought to the memories, making the wine is a step to take to rekindle something thought lost and a way to celebrate youthful desires. Of course, some people may want to make the wine out of curiosity and because they are creative in the kitchen. What ever the reason for making the strawberry beverage it is important for a person to have a good recipe for their initial batch so they know the basics of the process.

Strawberry Wine Basics

There are some basic principle for making wine that will help insure success and good taste. The first thing to know is that the wine will take several months to age to its best flavor. A person can not cook up a batch to serve one night but will have to plan for the lengthy fermenting process.

Another basic for strawberry wine is that the strawberry’s need to be vine ripened for the best taste. Supermarket strawberries are often picked green, as with much of the produce, for better shipping but this does make the flavor of the berry decrease considerably. A person can grow their own strawberries or they can purchase from a local farm where the berries are picked when ripe. There are even some recipes that call for frozen strawberries because these berries are usually more flavorful than green picked berries.

It is also important for a person to understand all the aspects of home cooking and fermentation to make sure that the strawberry wine is well made without spoiling or bacterial growth. The winemaker will want to use clean, sanitized containers and will want to make sure to keep and cook the ingredients at the correct temperature. The enjoyment of drinking the wine should not be ruined by unsanitary cooking.

Strawberry Wine Recipes

The best Wine Making Recipes usually come from a grandmother or another older person. These people have tested and tried recipes that they used for years to impress family and friends. A person can ask around for someone with a secret recipe who may be willing to pass it on to a new generation.

Other strawberry wine recipes can be found at several sites on the internet. has a few different recipes for a person to choose from. The site has a great article on making wine including a recipe. also has a strawberry wine recipe along with other sites a person may find useful. A person can try one of the sites or can easily do their own research to find a good recipe for strawberry wine.