Spill The Wine: A Great Restaurant

If you are looking for a fantastic restaurant to check out, then look no further than Spill the Fruit Wines. This is easily one of the best restaurants in the Washington area, and it really has something to offer for everyone. It is located on 11th and Washington Avenue South, in the Theatre District, and the establishment actually feature two separate spaces, one which is the dining room and another which features a lounge with full menu, televisions, a handcrafted, oak bar top and more.

Wine List

The Spill the Wine Restaurant offers some of the most expensive, delicious and aromatic wines from all around the world, and in fact their astounding wine list is one of the things that they are so praised and renowned for. Spill the Wine also offers what they call ‘Wine Dinners’, which is a delectable cuisine dish with a pairing of fine wines. They choose only the most perfect wines to go with each meal, and although the menus vary for each wine dinner, they do always tend to follow a theme.

Spill the Wine is a restaurant which actually employs certified wine experts, who take the time and effort to make the best possible wine list, so that as a customer you only have to worry about enjoying your meal. If you are interested in having dinner at Spill the Wine you are going to have to call ahead to make reservations, since this place tends to hop in the evenings as one of the most popular restaurants in the area.

Similar Options

If you are not able to get a reservation as quickly as you would like at Spill the Rose Wines, or you would simply like to be aware of similar options, another great establishment is the Brix Restaurant and Wine Bar. This is a beautifully designed restaurant located in Vancouver, and offers one of the largest and most seductive menus of wine in the world.

The brix Restaurant and Wine Bar is literally world renowned for their fantastic service, and they offer a modern Canadian cuisine that reflects the Canadian chefs’ upbringings, as well as the use of local ingredients and classic European training. The food is delicious, the service outstanding, and you are definitely going to have a great time during the course of your meal. This is another place that you are going to have to call ahead to make reservations, but they tend to have a greater variety of openings, especially during the off-season, so they should be able to fit you in.

Regardless of which restaurant you decide to visit, whether it is Spill the Citrus Wine or another classic choice, there is really nothing better than enjoying the perfect glass of wine with a perfect meal in a delightful atmosphere.