Tips And Ideas For Beef Barbecue Recipes

Should you cook those baby back ribs over stone barbecues or barbecues charcoal? Should you marinate the meat beforehand or just baste the sauce on while cooking? Do you want to make beef, chicken or pork for your meal?

Do you want thick sauce or thin sauce, spicy or sweet, vinegary or tomato flavored? The choices seem endless. Before you get out that apron and those tongs, let’s take a look at some popular varieties you may want to cook up this summer.

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Memphis, Tennessee is famous for its barbecued cooking and is home to the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, which attracts 90,000 BBQ fans each May. The wet ribs are made with a mild, sweet sauce basted on the ribs before and after they’re smoked.

Another variety is dry-rubbed with a spice blend as they’re cooking or right after they’re done. Another variety is the classic pulled pork sandwich topped with coleslaw, which many say is the best way to experience Memphis barbecue, rather than the brisket BBQ recipes.

Of course no discussion of barbecue cooking could be complete without mentioning the Lone Star state! Texas has four different BBQ recipes ribs can be made out of. In East Texas (Houston/Dallas), pork shoulder or rib is slow-smoked over hickory wood and topped with sweet, thick tomato sauce like that served in Tennessee or Arkansas.

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In Central Texas (Austin/Lockhart), European style cuts of leftover pork and beef are cooked with native oak and pecan over high heat, marinated and served without extra sauce on the side and no sides other than saltine crackers, onions and cucumber pickles.

South Texas BBQ, influenced by its Mexican border, serves up cow’s head wrapped in wet maguey leaves, buried in a pit of hot coals for hours, then made into tacos. Lastly, Northern Texan BBQ, developed by cowboys, involves beef shoulder and brisket meat cooked on an open pit using heat from mesquite.

Summer is the time for rib barbecue recipes. The smell of burning meat wafts through the air, inspiring a slew of amateur chefs to break out their charcoal grills and fire up their propane tanks on that warm summer evening. While you may find a number of sites with brisket BBQ recipes, you may feel a more spontaneous urge to eat BBQ, in which case a store bought sauce is good to have handy.

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For Kentucky BBQ, try Evan Williams, Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon Steak Sauce or Ole Ray’s. For Kansas City BBQ, you can try KC Masterpiece and for St. Louis style, you’d like Maull’s BBQ Sauce. Cattleman’s serves up Memphis style sauce, while Iron Works B-B-Q Sauce hails from Texas.