The Basics Of Wine Labels

The adage is that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But can you judge a bottle of wine by its label?

What Does It All Mean?

There’s often so much information on a wine label that it’s difficult to figure it all out. Most wine labels contain the same basic information. This includes the winery (or wine maker), the country or region where the grapes were grown (often known as the appellation), the vintage (the year the grapes were harvested, not the year the wine was bottled), and the variety (what type of grapes the wine was made from – commonly known as the type of Fruit Wines). The alcohol content of the wine is also included on the wine label. There are other things that are sometimes included on a wine label, depending on the country where it was bottled. For example, wines bottled in the United States are required to have consumer warnings and the name and address of the bottler. Wine labels also can include the ripeness of the grapes, information about the estate or winery where it was bottled, and any other information the wine maker wants to include.

Is a Wine Label Just Information?

What once was just used to mark what was in the bottle, wine labels have become a spot to showcase artwork and make for a unique collection for a Rose Wines lover. While they may seem like an odd collection, the artwork on wine labels can be extremely beautiful, and a label may remind you of a special trip or an important event where you enjoyed the wine. And wine labels are certainly easier to save and display than empty bottles! Collecting wine labels has become so popular that manufacturers have even developed special cases to display them, and wine labels actually have their own category on eBay! Avid collectors often have their own websites or blogs devoted to sharing their collection with others.

Can I Make My Own Wine Label?

Wine labels and making wine can also be customized. There are companies that allow you to create your own piece of artwork to use as a wine label. In fact, this was featured on a recent episode of the tv show The Bachelor, where the bachelor and his date created a unique piece of art that was then made into a wine label. Bottles of wine with custom labels are popular for weddings or anniversaries, where guests can drink wine that celebrates the couple of honor. They can even be given as favors of the big event.