keithjennison January 28, 2009

Many Fruit Wine lovers view wine reviews much the same way as they consider movie reviews. They consider a difference in taste as well as a difference of opinion as to what makes a wine taste better than others. However, if a person happens to agree with the author of several wine reviews, the reviewer will build their reputation and be trusted with future purchases.

Like anyone offering an opinion, there is no guarantee that it will match the opinion of the user. In some circumstances a person may read wine reviews about a specific brand and based on the review go ahead and buy a bottle of that wine. Once it is open they may find themselves at odds with the opinion expressed in the review. However, buying based on the opinion expressed by one person in wine reviews is going to be a dangerous experience because everyone has slightly different tastes.

When considering buying a rather expensive bottle of wine, you shouldn’t take one person’s word as being gospel. Reading wine reviews by several different tasters may provide a better overall picture of what the bottle holds. Once you have experienced a positive outcome based on the review by one taster, there is a good chance your taste will be in agreement in the future.

Becoming Wine Expert Is Acquired Taste

Most people may enjoy the taste of a good Citrus Wine and can tell the difference between good and bad wines. A few others will have no idea what they are drinking and believe that all the wine reviews are unrealistic expectations furthered by the wineries to sell more wine. The reality is there are more types of wine than just red and white, or a rose that is somewhere in between.

Red wines, stored in woof barrels have a heavier flavor while white wine, left out of the wood, usually have a lighter, more drier taste. The types of grapes used, the source of the grapes and the fermentation process can create dozens of varieties of wines and wine reviews help potential wine drinkers learn about the new blends of wines that mix the juice from different grapes.

While blended wines are just beginning to be mass marketed, the push for most wineries to remain consistent in their production so that the Rose Wines in every bottle has a consistent taste, texture and aroma. One of the key aspects found in wine reviews is how well the winery maintains the consistency of their product from year-to-year as well as through annual crop changes.