Month: October 2009

admin October 22, 2009

We all love french fries… but we know that deep fried foods can add so much fat to a meal. We’ve solved the problem with our Garlic coated oven baked “fries”. The entire batch (serving for 4) is made with only 2 tablespoons of oil. Your family will never know they are not deep fried.

admin October 22, 2009

Bright orange citrus flavors makes this dish look as great as it tastes. This is a real simple way to dress up baked chicken with ingredients you typically have on hand.

admin October 20, 2009

This simple egg recipe has half the cholesterol, half the fat, and almost half the calories of traditional scrambled eggs. You won’t realize that when you eat them!

keithjennison October 15, 2009

When something is considered to be a high quality food or drink, with perhaps exotic ingredients, then it is usually referred to as a gourmet product. This description is sometimes applied to coffee as well, but gourmet coffees are not the ones purchased from the local grocery store; rather they are a blend of the […]

keithjennison October 14, 2009

Although BBQ recipes chicken can be pretty tempting and BBQ recipes steak are often mouth-watering, nothing beats pork BBQ recipes. According to the Food Network, pork remains the barbecue meat of choice, offering a variety of tastes and styles from dry-rub to wet rib. “Dry-rubbed ribs are generously rubbed with a mixture of spices, smoked […]

keithjennison October 12, 2009

How do you throw a Halloween Night party to reflect your interests and character? Film buffs may choose a horror movie night, the artistic may host a craft party, socialites may organize a block party and the refined may opt for an elegant dinner party. There are almost limitless options for expressing your creativity, while […]

admin October 10, 2009

This is a recipe that is simple but it looks like it took you all day to prepare. The best part is you typically will have all the ingredients on hand. The sauce is simply chicken stock, wine and a little mustard. Shhhhh, don’t tell anybody 🙂

admin October 7, 2009

This salad serves 4, but you can top it with scallops or grilled chicken and easily make it a meal for two.

admin October 2, 2009

Whenever you have some leftover cooked vegetables, it’s time to make a frittata. Any of these will do fine: Asparagus Green beans Roasted peppers Broccoli Onions or … just about anything else. It’s always best to use cooked vegetables because frittatas cook so fast.