keithjennison November 25, 2009

There are many ways to preserve and store your food. And the oldest method to preserve food is drying it. It has been around since hunters were catching their prey and then laid out pieces of meat on the sun to dry them out. This provided them with food for the future. This process stopped bacteria growth in food, because microorganisms cannot live without water in food. And new bacteria couldn’t penetrate the dried food, due to hard surface.

The key to dehydration is evaporation. And people have followed the practice of food dehydration throughout the centuries, adding several new techniques to actually get the same results. Besides sun drying in a natural way, there is also shelf drying, bed drying, freeze drying, spray drying and food dehydrators that are commercially made. You can even use your kitchen oven to draw out moisture from food.

Dehydration is known to all cultures in the world. You know, there is beef jerky nowadays. A traditional Sami food is a salted and dried reindeer meat. Many people all over the world dry fruits, making raisins out or grapes, for example. Another great food for drying is mushrooms. Dried mushrooms are great for storing, using in different meals and they have much more flavor than the canned ones. As for the vegetables, some of them like onions or chilies are great for drying, but most vegetables are not good for dehydrating because a lot of useful vitamins are lost during this process.

Drying food using a food dehydrator is by far the most popular method. Food dehydrator is easy to use, works quickly and evenly, and you don’t have to guess how long and under what temperature you have to dry the food. You know that all microorganisms will be killed due to a high heat source. Food dehydrator is also equipped with trays for holding your food, which is very convenient. It is so easy to prepare dried food with food dehydrator that it almost requires no effort as well as providing you with a more economical way to preserve your food. It is great to have dried food in the house. Dried fruits and meat are perfect as healthy snacks and when some fresh products are not readily available, you can always use dried ones in your cooking. There are no preservatives in dried food, which is another benefit of investing in your own food dehydrator.

Purchasing your own food dehydrator, you will have a great method of preserving your food, keeping it from spoiling and storing it for future weeks and months. Dried food has a very long shelf life, it takes up little space in your food storage and it is very easy and quick just to grab it with you as a healthy snack when going on a trip or just in a hurry.

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