Guest July 21, 2014

This rotating cake stand is great for my home baking needs. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed a place to set my cakes once they were finished baking. The rotating turntable is great in order to decorate and serve the cakes. It makes life so much easier when I can simply spin the turntable instead of trying to rotate it the hard way.

When you bake as many cakes as I do, you need a quality product like this in order to create something truly beautiful and inspiring. I would highly recommend this cake stand to all cake enthusiasts out there who want to enhance their cake baking experiences.

I was very excited when I opened the packaging. This product has a great design and is simple to clean and use. It is a great height which really helps when you are icing a cake on a table top. It is one of the more affordable turntables and after having done a lot of research I think it’s one of the best in this price range. If you’re like me and bake cakes and never treat yourself to anything, do it, do it right now. I cannot believe I have went this length of time without it!

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HT Kitchens’ Most Innovative Cake Stand Yet!
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Say Goodbye to Inconvenience!
Our latest and most innovative cake stand has been created with stainless steel ball bearings which allows for an very smooth rotation. Great for decorating, icing, displaying, and serving cakes and other desserts!

Product Credentials
– Eco-Friendly
– FDA Certified
– 100% Food Grade Materials
– Safe for Families with Young Kids

Product Features
– Dishwasher Friendly
– Non-Stick and Simple to Clean
– Non-Slip Base and Top
– Lightweight and Portable
– Ultra-Smooth Rotation
– Long-Lasting and Durable

What’s Inside the Package?
Inside you’ll find our best cake stand made with 100% food grade ABS plastic, stainless steel ball bearings and non-slip silicone base. Engineered with a creative design which allows you to easily rotate, decorate or display cakes or pies of all types!

Our Lifetime Guarantee!
We are so confident that this cake stand will meet and exceed your expectations that we have decided to add a lifetime product guarantee! It you are not 100% fully satisfied with this cake stand you can return it for a full refund without any questions asked.

Limited Time Pricing…
Prices will be rising soon due fluctuation in the marketplace so act now and get your cake stand at the best price!

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