Guest March 5, 2015

One day, I was asked to a simple gathering at my friend's residence. I went there a bit earlier and find my friend doing the barbecue. I went straight to him to help and have a chat. As we make conversations, I can't help but noticed how he tear two pork butts in minutes. He was using black tools gripped in his hands that resembles like bear paws. Then he shredded a couple of chicken breasts quickly.

I have been pulling meat for years using a variety of ways. It has always been time consuming and my least favorite part of bbq-ing. But when I saw my friend doing it effortlessly with this tool in his hand, I was amazed. So I asked him what were those, and then told me they were meat claws. I've never seen them before in shops, but thankfully, he told me I can easily buy them in Amazon.

This tool is the solution to my problem of having to devote more time in tearing meat. This is a very simple tool that will make cooking tasks much friendlier to do. There's not a lot to say about a pair of claws, except: "Where have they been all my life?" These are awesome!!

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Pulling pork, tearing chicken and moving that big roast to the platter can result burned fingers that stand in your way of getting supper on the table. Plus, shredding meat can be so time consuming, leaving your starving acquaintances and family members circling in the kitchen unsure just when they'll get to eat. The answer to these difficulties comes in 1 simple package –Chelsydale's Meat Claws, the first-rate product for avoiding burned fingers and tearing meats in a hurry.

We offer high quality BPA-free, nontoxic meat shredder tools that are ergonomically designed for the perfect grip. Slide the handle over your hand and wrap your fingers around the comfy base. Now, you're armed with the strongest pair of BBQ meat claw forks on the market today, prepared to pull through beef, poultry and pork with the utmost of ease. What used to take forever can now be done within seconds, so you can serve up your family's favorite meals in no time.

Not just meat shredder tools, Chelsydale's Meat Claws have a number of other uses. The heat-resistant pork pullers can double as a meat handler, so you can move bulky meat without hurting your fingers. With the meat handler claws in hand, you won't have to be worried about dropping the food before it reaches the platter! You can even utilize these premium meatclaws to toss a salad or turn hot foods on the grill. No matter how you use them, their thick, contoured teeth will stay strong, and you can wash them with ease in the dishwasher.

Get a handle on moving food from the roasting pan to the platter. pull meat quickly than you ever dreamed possible. Discover just how many ways you can use Chelsydale's Meat Claws to simplify cooking and turn out restaurant-quality dishes that family and friends will surely devour. Add this set of meat forks to your cart now!

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